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March 16 2018 0comment
spring maintenance tips

Spring Maintenance Tips For Plano TX Homeowners

Let’s talk about spring maintenance! We’ve officially changed to Daylight Savings Time, we have some longer days, and spring is really here. That means there are a few things homeowners need to take care of to keep their homes in top condition.   1. Air Conditioner Checks.   This is a great time to check […]

February 27 2018 0comment
Fun Things To Do In McKinney TX

Fun Things To Do In McKinney TX

  Everyone knows McKinney is an up-and-coming city. More and more people are moving to McKinney from California and other states because it’s so close to the metropolitan areas of Dallas and Plano where businesses are booming. When people move here one of the first things they do is look around to find fun things […]

February 12 2018 0comment

The Best Caulk To Use When Painting Your Home

The Best Caulk To Use When Painting Your Home It’s very important that when you hire someone to paint, you understand exactly what you’re getting and what materials your contractor is using. As we’ve mentioned before, Sherwin Williams offers different grades of the same product. So if your contractor tells you “Oh, we use Sherwin Williams,” […]

January 29 2018 0comment
best paints for interior painting

The Best Types of Paint For Interior Painting

The Best Types of Paint For Interior Painting When it comes to paint, there is a wide variety of products from the cheapest all the way to the top of the line. Here are the different types of Sherwin Williams paints we use, and what we recommend:   1. For Commercial Buildings   At the cheapest end […]

January 22 2018 0comment

Do You Help With Small Home Repairs?

Small Home Repairs   One question we are often asked is, “Do you guys do small repairs?” The answer is yes! We can help you with anything from a small drywall repair to a full kitchen or bathroom remodel—and anything in between!   Our Job Minimum   We do have a $500 minimum, so when […]

December 21 2017 0comment
What You Need To Do Before Your Remodeling Project

What You Need To Do Before Your Remodeling Project

How To Prepare Your Home For a Bathroom or Kitchen Remodel   Many of our customers call to ask us what they need to do to prepare for painting or remodeling.  Here are the things we recommend you take care of before we get there, to make sure everything goes as smoothly, as quickly and […]

December 13 2017 0comment
interior painting before Christmas

Update Your Interior Painting Before Christmas

Update Your Interior Painting Before Christmas! Christmas is in less than two weeks! Wow, this year has flown by! Many of you are getting your last-minute preparations together, whether that means continuing your decorating or finishing up your shopping. Are you entertaining Holiday guests? For many of you, it’s about to dawn on you that […]

November 29 2017 0comment
Safety Tips To Consider During Christmas

Safety Tips To Consider During Christmas Time

We’re right in the middle of the holiday season. It’s a busy time of year. And it’s a wonderful time of year! Unfortunately, it’s also a time when crime peaks. We have three Christmas season safety tips for you, to help keep you safe this season. 1. Install Door Cameras. Consider installing a Ring doorbell […]

November 08 2017 0comment

Update Your Kitchen Cabinets For Thanksgiving Guests

Thanksgiving is coming up on us fast. It’s going to be here before we know it! Maybe you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year. You’re thinking about what you’re going to prepare, and what’s going to be on the menu.   But where are we going to prepare it? Maybe you’ve been putting off some updates […]

October 30 2017 0comment
popcorn ceiling removal

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Plano TX

Why There’s a Need Many times relatively older homes, those built in the 70s, 80s, 90s and even early 2000s, have what’s called a “popcorn” ceiling. Now the trend in interior design is to not have popcorn ceilings, so a lot of people are getting theirs removed. It might be tempting to find some YouTube […]