Do You Help With Small Home Repairs?

small home repairs

Small Home Repairs


One question we are often asked is, “Do you guys do small repairs?” The answer is yes! We can help you with anything from a small drywall repair to a full kitchen or bathroom remodel—and anything in between!


Our Job Minimum


We do have a $500 minimum, so when people call us to ask about a small drywall repair or to paint a door, we always recommend that you gather a few small jobs that you need all at once so that you can get better value for your money. Our guys can come out to do a variety of different things combined with one job—drywall repair, painting, a little light carpentry, and many more.


Small Home Repairs We Recommend


If you look around your house you’ll probably find several areas that need to be touched up. Areas that commonly need touching up are around the garage door, around the brick mold on the outside (this is easily deteriorated because of water). Even if the rest of your paint looks like it’s in good condition, those two areas are always critical for needing to be touched up, due to the weather and where they’re situated on the house.


Rodent Damage


Also, if you’re in an area with a lot of squirrels, they will often chew on the corners of your house, especially near the roof on the frieze and fascia boards. We can always replace those for you and put metal on them, to stop the squirrels from doing any more damage.

If you look around your house at areas like that, before you know it you’ll find quite a few small things for us to do! It’s easy to end up with a full day of work for one of our guys, and get all the little areas of your house fixed up and your house in great shape!

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