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places to swim in DFW

Family Friendly Places To Swim in the Plano Area

Family Friendly Places To Swim in the Plano Area   This is one of the hottest summer’s we’ve had in a long time, with temperatures over 100 for several days in a row! They’ve come down for a bit, but they’re going back up! It’s Texas. It’s hot. And it can be hard to keep […]

packages and warranties for exterior painting

Packages And Warranties For Exterior Painting

Packages And Warranties For Exterior Painting When it comes to exterior painting projects we always offer two kinds of packages. Standard Package   We have our Standard Package, which comes with SuperPaint from Sherwin Williams and a two-year craftsmanship warranty. If anything cracks, peels—any problem with the paint or labor on it—we will come back […]

questions to ask a contractor

Do You Help With Small Home Repairs?

Small Home Repairs   One question we are often asked is, “Do you guys do small repairs?” The answer is yes! We can help you with anything from a small drywall repair to a full kitchen or bathroom remodel—and anything in between!   Our Job Minimum   We do have a $500 minimum, so when […]

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Considering a Painting Contractor in Plano

Tips For Hiring a Plano Painting Contractor You’ve talked to contractors, you’ve gotten quotes, and you’ve compared them. But what kinds of things should you be looking for? Here are a few basic things: 1. Are they bonded and insured? It’s important to make sure that your contractor is bonded and insured. This way if […]

4 Reasons To Update Your Interior Paint In Your Home

Most of the time we go through our daily routines of living in our houses, and we don’t stop to think about updating the paint in our homes. But here are some reasons why you might want to do so: 1. Time to Move/List. You might be moving soon, or thinking about listing your house […]

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How To Choose Paint Colors For Interior Painting

How do you choose paint colors for your house? There are so many colors and shades available that choosing colors for your house can be overwhelming. Go To The Store and Look Online We recommend that you start by looking at the charts of paint colors at your local hardware or paint store, and by […]

Summertime Maintenance Tips For Your Home

Summertime Maintenance Tips For Your Home

Summertime Maintenance Tips For Your Home It’s summertime, and you know that in Texas that means it’s about to get scorching hot. It’s already really hot! As a homeowner, it’s very important to be proactive, rather than reactive, to the summer weather. Here are a few home maintenance items you should think about to keep […]

How To Select Fixtures For a Bathroom Remodel

How To Select Accessories and Fixtures For a Bathroom Remodel Let’s talk about bathroom accessories! What do we mean by accessories? We mean faucets, bathtubs—any of the hardware. Search Online: When you are redoing a bathroom, we always recommend that you go online and see what fits your needs. Read the reviews on the products. […]

Exterior Painting McKinney TX

4 Signs That Your Home Needs Exterior Painting

Signs That Your Home Needs Exterior Painting   Some of the signs are easy to catch. The key is to check the areas of your house that have wood frames. When the wood is worn or rotting, it’s time to get it replaced and get your house painted. Look at the following areas:   1. […]

How to Repair Water Damage

How To Repair Water Damage on Your Wall or Ceiling

How To Repair Water Damage One thing no one ever wants to see in their house is water damage. How To Determine If You Have Water Damage   If you look up at your ceiling and see a spot that’s discolored and where the texture has changed, that’s water damage. That spot is a watermark, […]