2 Must-Have Bathroom Remodel Options

We’ve been showing you a few different bathroom remodels lately, but today we want to share one we’ve been working on that’s a little different. 

This bathroom used to have a typical 36” x 36” shower. The homeowner called us one day and asked if we could remove a closet that was behind the shower, to expand the space. We were able to knock down the little closet and take out the small shower. 


Doorless Shower


We’re putting a 17’ bench in the shower, and we’re moving the drain and pipes to the back of the shower. But here’s the cool part: This shower isn’t going to have a door! It’s going to be a walk-in shower without a door. 


Heated Floors


And if the idea of a doorless shower wasn’t cool enough, the entire bathroom is going to have a heated floor! We’re installing some special German technology under the floor that will keep it nice and warm in the winter. The floor will be connected to WiFi so the homeowners can turn it on and control it from their phones!

We’re nearly finished framing the bathroom now, and we’re about ready to start putting in tile. The whole project will take us about three weeks total from start to finish. We started with the demolition and moving the plumbing just about a week ago, and we’re already just about ready for tile! 

Because this shower is turning out to be a little bit bigger than we originally anticipated, we’re going to install some extra lights for it. We’re also going to install LED lights around the mirror. 


Your Next Step


If you’re looking to have your house improved, whether that be a bathroom or kitchen, or a new hardwood floor—anything! Give us a call. And stay tuned to our social media pages, as we show you pictures of how this bathroom turns out, and how functional it is!

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