3 Things to Update During Your Kitchen Remodel

Today we want to talk about some different ideas for remodeling your kitchen. Often when people go to remodel their kitchen they tend to go through the motions. They don’t realize that they’re not stuck with their current kitchen layout. Sometimes it’s hard for people to visualize all the different possibilities and things we can do! 

Here are three ways we can remodel in your kitchen that you may not have thought about.

1. Your kitchen island.

You are not stuck with the kitchen island that was there when you moved in! Your island may not be the shape you want, or it may not quite be in the area you want it to be. Maybe it’s too small. Maybe you have two islands or some unusual setup. 

We can remove any island you have, and make you a custom-built new one! We can even move the plumbing if that’s what it takes. We can build you the island of your dreams, exactly where and how you want it. So don’t think you’re stuck with the island you have, or the layout you have!

2. Kitchen cabinets.

This is the most popular thing our clients ask for! We can update your kitchen cabinets by either staining them or painting them. Something that’s very popular right now is adding an additional row of cabinets above your existing cabinets. If you have that space in between your cabinets and the ceiling, you know it’s basically a dust collector or that area you can’t quite figure out how to decorate. When we add a row of cabinets, we close that gap so that you don’t have to worry about it anymore, plus you get additional kitchen storage! 

3. Kitchen countertops.

Many people have laminate or builder-grade cabinets and countertops when they move in to their house. Are you ready for a quartz or granite upgrade? This definitely adds not only a wow factor to your kitchen but also adds some resale value. 

So if you think you’re stuck with any of these things, let us show you the possibilities! Click the button below and get you started with a free estimate.


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