4 Signs That Your Home Needs Exterior Painting

Some of the signs are easy to catch. The key is to check the areas of your house that have wood frames. When the wood is worn or rotting, it’s time to get it replaced and get your house painted. Look at the following areas:

 1. Chimney

Look at the wood around your chimney. Is it worn out? It will need to be replaced and painted. How about the wood on the other areas of your house? Check for signs of rot. Look out even for small areas, so that you can fix them before they become big problems.

2. Garage

How about around your garage? Check the caulking, to see if it’s separating. Check the wood on the sides of your garage. Is any of it rotting or showing signs of wear?

3. Windows

A common place you will find problems is under windows. What is the wood like underneath your windows? That’s a pretty likely place to find rotted, worn-out wood. If you don’t replace the wood you risk having water, and bugs, come into your home. 

4. Doors

Don’t forget your doors! That’s another common place where the wood will rot or break down. Again, if you don’t get this taken care of promptly, you risk water and bugs getting into your house.

We take off all the rotting and worn out wood and replace it with new, hardy wood that will resist rotting. We remove all the old, separating caulking and replace it. Then we prep everything, and give it a nice coat of brand-new paint.

The chimney, garage, doors and windows are all the places where rotting will show up first. Those spots are your signs that you need to take action to replace all the old wood on your house and give everything a nice, fresh coat of paint. Your house will look so much better, and it will be in better condition to resist mold and water!

We are happy to come out to take a look at your house and give you an estimate for replacing rotted wood and painting the house. Just give us a call!

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