5 Overlooked Moving Tips

Let’s talk about some moving tips! You’ve probably moved several times in your life, and you may know some of these tips already. But if you’re going to be moving soon, these tips are a good refresher for how to make your move a good one. And if you’re moving very soon, this is a good checklist for you as you go through the process.

1. Pad your budget.

Budget for twice as much as you think it’s going to cost. There’s always going to be more expenses that pop up out of nowhere, so be prepared for that! There will always be more boxes needed, more tape guns, food, etc. There will be days that you’re too busy packing, or don’t have a kitchen set up, so you go out to eat. Sometimes there are fees associated with switching utilities. You may need new window treatments. There are all kinds of expenses that are going to pop up, that you did not foresee. So whatever you’ve budgeted, add a little fluff to that!

2. Pack in stages.

Packing up a house, or even an apartment, can be overwhelming. Don’t just wait until the last minute to try to pack everything! Pack in stages, starting several weeks ahead of time. Set a goal to do half a room a day, starting a few weeks out. This is easier said than done, we know, but trying to pack up your entire house in a weekend is definitely overwhelming!

3. Don’t move junk.

While you’re packing, remember that you don’t want to move junk from one house to the next house. If you haven’t used it in awhile, you probably don’t need it! Consider donating some things, so that you’re not carrying them from place to place. Here in the Collin County area, there are a lot of donation centers that will happily accept your donations.

4. Remember to transfer your utilities.

Make sure you get all your utility transfers done so that you have service in your new home when you move in: electricity, cable, water, etc.

5. Change your address.

They make everything so easy online now that you can do a lot of it online. You can change your mailing address, you can change the address on your driver’s license, you can log in to all your banks and bills online and change your addresses there.

We hope these tips help! We know you’re probably an old hand at moving, but it never hurts to have a refresher to let all the information sink in. If you’ve just recently finished moving and you’ve just figured out that you don’t like the paint color the previous owner used, we’d be happy to come in and give you a free estimate on fixing that for you! Enjoy your new digs!

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