4 Reasons to Update Your Interior Paint in Your Home

Most of the time we go through our daily routines of living in our houses, and we don’t stop to think about updating the paint in our homes. But here are some reasons why you might want to do so:

1. Time to Move/List.

You might be moving soon, or thinking about listing your house for sale. If you have what some people might think of as unusual or exotic colors in your home, something that’s not so neutral, you might consider having us come in and painting your home in more neutral colors. Sometimes when people come to look at a home they can’t see past the things they don’t like, like paint color they don’t care for. Even if your paint is already neutral, and maybe you just need a little touching up, it makes your house look great to have that clean, freshly-painted look. It makes a great first impression if you’re going to be selling your home.

2. Time to upgrade from builder-grade

You may have bought a new construction home that came with standard builder’s paint. We’re not bashing home builders here. But there is a difference between the basic grade of paint that the builder will use as a standard option, and a better quality, upgraded paint. If you bought the house a couple of years ago, this paint may be faded and it might be time to update your look. Or maybe the builder didn’t offer a color that you wanted at the time. Now you can fix that!

3. Time for a change.

You may just decide you want to change the color scheme in your home. Maybe you want to match that color scheme to your new furniture. Or maybe you want to update the overall color flow of your home.

4. Baby on the way.

Maybe you’re having a child soon and need to paint a room to turn it into a nursery. Or maybe your kids have moved out, and you’re empty nesters who don’t want a hot pink or a sky blue room. Maybe you’re changing a kid’s room into an office, and so you need to go with a more neutral color scheme.

So if you know anyone who is thinking about updating the paint in their home for any reason, we’d be happy to give you a free estimate!

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