5 Remodeling Tips for 2017 to Making Your Home Better

Many homeowners think they can’t get the space they crave without moving to a larger home or putting on an addition. But if you don’t want to move and adding on isn’t an option because of lot size or other considerations, you can still make your home feel lighter, brighter and more spacious than it is now!

We have some remodeling tips that we can utilize to make even the smallest house feel roomier for your family and more welcoming for your guests. Here is what we mean…

It’s not surprising that new windows can help lighten up your home. Today’s energy-efficient windows make it possible to swap out small windows for larger areas of glass, but still keep your home comfortable and save money on energy costs. Expand your views even more by installing windows that wrap around a corner. Skylights and solar tubes bring sunlight into dark recesses. Replace an old sliding patio door with a folding glass wall that practically disappears when opened, for seamless indoor/outdoor integration.

A staircase that seems to float, with no risers and an open balustrade, extends your sight lines from the foyer through the entire first floor. Glass doors on cabinets between the kitchen and dining area maintain your storage space while keeping that open look. In a tiny powder room, a pedestal sink or small-scale console vanity are both better choices visually than a cabinet vanity.

Narrow hallways break up your home into smaller, separate areas that can make a home feel constricted. We can remove or reposition non-load-bearing walls to give you the flow you crave. We can even put in half walls, columns or low built-in cabinets to define rooms while maintaining a more spacious feeling.

Have you noticed that your breakfast nook feels cramped while your dining room stays empty for months at a time? If so, consider combining these two rooms into one comfortable and functional dining area that can be used both for everyday dining and for guests on special occasions.

Using different flooring in each room breaks up your home visually and makes it feel smaller. Select the same flooring material for multiple rooms on the same level to increase the perceived size of your home. Hardwood flooring throughout, in place of tired wall-to-wall carpeting, not only creates a nice flow, it provides a fresh, up-to-date feel.

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