5 Year Warranty For Remodeling

5 year warranty for remodeling

We are still working on projects that came out of the freeze of 2021! Some projects had so much work to be done, and so much negotiating with insurance, that they really took this much time.


A Recent Remodeling Project



We are just finishing up one of these projects. The house looks fantastic, the homeowners are happy, and they are beginning the process of moving back in. Come take a look at our latest video on our Facebook page or YouTube channel, and you’ll see the house for yourself! 



Peace of Mind



I wanted to talk to you today about the peace of mind that homeowners get from working with Nielsen’s Painting and Remodeling. If anything at all goes wrong with our work, we will fix it. If you see any type of cracking on your cabinets, any problems with laminating on the backsplash, anything at all, we will take care of it.



What’s Covered With Our 5-Year Warranty



When you work with us, we give you a 5-year warranty. If something peels on your cabinets, or your sink, or your faucet—anything that you bought from us and that we installed for you—it will be covered by our warranty. If it’s a manufacturing issue, we will deal with the manufacturer. If it’s a labor issue, we will come back and address it. Anything and everything we touch is covered by our 5-year warranty.


Your Next Step


If you or anyone you know is looking not only for top-of-the-line quality but also the peace of mind of a 5-year warranty, please give us a call! 


Remember, with Nielsen’s Painting and Remodeling quality is not cheap or expensive. It’s priceless! 

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