Areas of Your Home to Remodel After The Holidays

The holidays are over and we are into the new year! For some of you who hosted Thanksgiving or Christmas, you may have realized that your home needs some updates before you host again.


1. Kitchen rescue.

The first area people typically realize is in need of renovation is the kitchen. Maybe after hosting a big family meal you’ve realized that your layout is wrong, or your island is awkwardly placed, or you’ve decided you could really use a double oven. Whatever the problem is, you need a better kitchen for entertaining large gatherings! We can help you with this! We do many, many kitchen remodels, and you’ll be amazed at the wonderful things we can do for your kitchen space.


2. Guest bathroom.

Another area people often want to update after the holidays is the guest bathroom. Maybe you have realized how tight, cramped, and outdated it is. Maybe you want to go from a tub to a shower. Lately, people with elderly family members are choosing to put in a shower with a rail and fixtures that are more accessible.


Or, maybe you realized that you need a place to retreat from family and you want a better master bathroom, an oasis for yourself!


3. Outdoor living.

The third area people start thinking about renovating after the holidays is their outdoor living area. In Texas, many of us use our patios year-round. Many of us have heaters to keep it comfortable, and of course, in some years it rarely gets cold enough to need the heater! But whether it’s warm enough or not if your outdoor living area isn’t great for entertaining we can fix that! We can install outdoor kitchens, gazebos—whatever you need to maximize your space.


It’s great to have family visit, but sometimes we can just use more space!

Your Next Step


If you looked around your house during the holidays and realized that you could really use some remodeling and updating, give us a call! We’d love to come out and give you a free estimate and help you out with any of your home needs.

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