The Best Types of Paint for Interior Painting

When it comes to paint, there is a wide variety of products from the cheapest all the way to the top of the line. Here are the different types of Sherwin Williams paints we use, and what we recommend:

1. For Commercial Buildings

At the cheapest end of the Sherwin Williams paints there’s a product called Property Solutions. This is what people use on commercial properties, apartments and things like that because of the price. It’s very economical and it serves the purpose, which is to apply color to your walls. If you’re putting your house on the market and just need something to get it ready and make it look good, this will do the trick. However, it doesn’t tend to last very long, especially in high-traffic areas where the paint will get touched often.

2. Best Value

Most contractors around the DFW area use ProMar200, which is a step up from Property Solutions. It’s a zero-VOC product, which means you won’t have any harmful fumes in your living areas. This is pretty much the best value for your money. We consider ProMar200 to be a high-end contractor paint because it is durable and resists fading. You can clean it easily. It’s also easier to touch up. Often when you move into an apartment or a home you’re left with a little bit of leftover paint to do touch-ups with. If you have a cheaper contractor paint on your walls it will be very hard to touch up and make it look good if you don’t have the proper skills to do so. But pretty much anyone can do touch-ups with a high-end contracting paint like the ProMar. This is the paint we normally recommend, and what we include in any standard project.

3. For a Baby Nursery

Now let’s say you have a little baby and you want to paint a nursery, or if you’re very sensitive to paint fumes and smells. Sherwin Williams makes a paint called Harmony which is a little more expensive, but it has the lowest amount of fumes. If fumes are a big concern for you, this is the way to go.

4. For Homes With Young Children

At the top of the Sherwin Williams line is Emerald. We recommend Emerald for high-traffic areas like hallways, or if you have a bathroom where the kids touch the walls a lot and you find yourself needing to scrub it often or do a lot of touch-ups. Emerald will last the longest and keep your walls looking really, really good. Although this is an excellent product it is the most expensive. It doesn’t really give you good value unless you plan to keep your house the same color for a lifetime. That’s why in general, we use and recommend the ProMar for good coverage at the best value.

If you have any questions regarding the different types of paint and the best type for your project, please give us a call! We’d be happy to talk to you about what will work best for you.


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