Better Design = Lower Remodeling Costs

When it comes to remodeling, many homeowners think that getting good design means paying more. The truth is that you can end up paying the same for a well-designed, “uniquely you” project as you would for a remodel that lacks personality – and functionality. In addition, it’s our experience here at Nielsen’s Painting and Remodeling that good design can actually save you money.

For instance, there may be no need to build a home addition just so you have room for your new dream kitchen. Instead, a design-driven approach could result in a solution that uses space within your home’s existing footprint to provide all the room you need for a spacious new kitchen.

Design-Driven Approach?

A design-driven approach to remodeling means looking at more than just the budget. We also take a look at creative design possibilities so that the resulting space makes the most of everything from traffic flow and natural light, to storage and multipurpose functionality. Here are the three elements of a design-driven approach.

Clever space planning

Without good space planning, the placement of closets, doors, windows and other features can eat up space without providing the features, functionality, and feel you’re after. Good space planning, however, carves the most value from every square inch. It also rewards you with a space that is designed for your own lifestyle, and what it takes for you to feel comfortable in your new space. You don’t want to spend money on a beautiful kitchen remodel only to find out that there is no space for a trash can or the dog’s bowl.

Space planning can also work magic in reclaiming “lost” space. Just imagine the space between wall studs becoming the perfect place to create a niche that displays a favorite piece of artwork. The blank space that is often found on one side of a galley kitchen could potentially become a storage wall.

With good design, even smaller remodeling budgets can buy major style. Here’s an example: you may love the look of certain expensive tiles, but they may be priced out of reach. With some design savvy, however, you can enjoy that high-end look for less. It’s possible to get an upscale look on a modest budget by combining handsome tiles that cost less with sparing use of high-end accent tiles.

Products and priorities

Because we know what products are available and how they look in real-world homes, we can help you spend your remodeling dollars most efficiently. We can also help you get those “wow” items you want and still stay within budget. For example, if it’s a priority to have a Sub-Zero refrigerator, we can show you how to stay within budget by scaling down to a less-expensive cabinet line that still gives your kitchen a high-quality look and feel.

Remember, the cost for construction basics like studs and dry wall runs about the same for most remodeling jobs. It’s the products and finishes that change the budget. Taking a design-driven approach doesn’t cost more, but it does help assure that you end up with the features, functionality, flow and creativity you want.

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