Built-In Microwave to Save Counter Space

Does your kitchen work for you? One of the most important aspects of your kitchen is how you use the space. It’s important for your kitchen to have a good layout for the workflow. But it’s also important to be able to use the space you have.

For example, many of our customers want to make sure they have plenty of space so that they can store appliances out of the way, off the counters, to keep the countertops free. Microwave ovens can be a particular problem: You might not want a counter-top microwave taking up all your counter space. But many people don’t like having the microwave mounted over the oven either, because that’s where the vent hood goes. So what can you do?

One of the ways we can solve this problem is to mount your microwave inside your drawer space. When you want to use the microwave you just pull out the drawer, and there it is! For an extra touch of luxury we can fit the microwave controls to lie flush and hidden in the cabinet front. This way you can pop out the controls when you need them, but hide them when you don’t. This way you get an elegant look and a large microwave, without sacrificing any counter space or your vent hood.

We have lots of ideas like this for saving you space! Let us come out and show you all the different ways we can help you get the kitchen of your dreams. Check with the professionals before you go somewhere else. Remember, at Nielsen’s Painting and Remodeling quality is not cheap or expensive—it’s priceless!

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