Covered Patio With Fireplace

covered patio with fireplace

Fireplace Details


We’ve been out in McKinney working on some patios and pergolas! We’ve been working on one patio that has a pretty unique concept for us. We’re putting in a see-through fireplace, which is really cool! It’s going to have crushed glass and some glass for the flames with LED lights. 



Because we only had one support post to work with we put the fireplace at an angle, with the patio support post actually resting inside the stone of the fireplace. We put stamped concrete on the floor, and tongue in groove wood with a very natural look and a Ready Seal stain for the ceiling. 


Unique Support Posts


We matched the siding to the house. Eventually, we’re going to paint the whole house, but the patio siding matches now and it will match then.


This is not a typical patio with cedar and pine everywhere. The supports are steel columns, that we wrapped with the siding that matches the house. This is very sturdy! Check out our video to see how great this looks!


Your Next Step


If you’re looking for ideas for your patio, your outdoor entertainment area, please give us a call! We’ll be happy to stop by and see what we can do to make your place look like a million dollars!

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