Custom Cabinets for Master Bathroom

custom cabinets for master bathroom

When it comes to deciding what kind of cabinets you want to put in your kitchen or bathroom, we always tell our customers that the options are endless! 

Where to Find Your Inspiration

You can look around on the internet at Houzz, Pinterest, or any picture from anywhere, and we can make it happen! 

Recently we had a homeowner who found a particular cabinet she loved on Houzz. This particular cabinet had drawers with lots of space on the bottom while still having large enough cabinets to use for plumbing and storage. We were able to build these for her. We made the doors with a soft close option, and the whole thing looks fantastic. 

Custom Cabinets Vs. Prefab

This was a custom build, so we actually built the entire cabinet to fit the exact size of her bathroom wall. You don’t get that kind of fit with a prefab cabinet. The problem with a prefab cabinet is that you have to adjust it to the size of the space you have available. You often have to add fitters on the sides and in the middle of the cabinets, to fill in the space. But what we can do is build your cabinets that are a perfect custom fit for your specific bathroom.

If you are interested in getting some custom work done for your bathroom or kitchen, give us a call! We can give you a free estimate, and we will be more than happy to make your dream happen for you!

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