Electrical Work During a Remodel

Electrical Work During a Remodel

Why You May Need Electrical Changes


When it comes to kitchen or bathroom remodels there’s often a lot of electrical changes that have to take place. In the case of the house we’re working on right now there will be quite a lot of changes. We’re going to be replacing some outlets and relocating others. On one wall we there is a hardwire for the existing dishwasher; we are going to be relocating this to another wall because we are moving the dishwasher to another side of the kitchen. We can make any electrical changes that need to be done.

Replacing Dated Light Fixtures


We are also going to be replacing the original light fixtures and adding some can lights. This is an older house, which means popcorn ceilings—we’re going to get rid of that as well!

Cabinet Lighting

We’re also going to add LED under cabinet lighting with some new technology that will allow the homeowners to dim the lights. We’ll be posting some videos and telling you more about this new technology! Stay tuned, and “like” our page to keep getting updates!

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