How To Give Your Guest Bathroom a “Facelift”

Is it time to spruce up your bathroom?

When a customer calls us for a bathroom remodel, we like to give them a few different options. For instance, you don’t have to do a total remodel. You can do what we call a “facelift.” 

Update the Tile and Tub

For instance, we can take your old travertine tile in your shower/tub and change it to a beveled subway tile. We can add shelves. We can refinish the tub so that it looks brand new—this saves you money on installing a new tub! 

Our Guarantee

When we’re done with this facelift your bathroom will look like new! We guarantee all our work with a full warranty on everything, including plumbing, fixtures, the finishes we put on the floors, tiles—everything!

Your Next Step

So if your bathroom needs some help but you think you don’t want to go in for a full remodel, let us show you all the different options you have! We can have your bathroom looking like new in no time. Simply click the button below!

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