Heated Floors for Your Master Bathroom

Heated Floors For Your Master Bathroom

Lately, we’ve been telling you about a fantastic bathroom remodel we’ve been working on.


How to Control The Temperature


One of the best features of this bathroom remodel is a little gadget we’ve installed in the wall near the light switches. This gadget is the control panel for the bathroom’s heated floors! It lets the homeowners control the temperature of their tile floor. Underneath the floor, we have a special setup with a wire that runs underneath. This can warm up the entire floor.


The control panel lets you not only turn on and off the heating element, but you can actually set up schedules for when you want the floor to be warmed. You can customize the settings to go on and off whenever you want, and at whatever temperature you want. The control panel also has a child lock feature so that you can make sure only you and the people you want to have control are able to make any changes.


Why You May Need Heated Floors


This is a great feature to have if you’re a person who naturally feels cold a lot. When you wake up cold in the morning you can program this so that you step into a nice, warm bathroom for your shower!


More About the Technology


There are a few different versions of this system. The one we’ve installed is a Schluter system, which is a German technology that has very high ratings and great reviews. This is the first one we’ve personally installed so we look forward to hearing the homeowner tell us about how well it works. But we’re sure they’re going to love it!


Your Next Step


If you’re interested in having something like this done in your bathroom, just let us know! We’ll be more than happy to give you a quote for what it would cost to install a system like this in your bathroom, or in your closet or shower, or anywhere you like. This system can also be installed under a laminate floor, so you aren’t even restricted to a tiled area!


We are more than happy to stop by your home and give you an estimate!

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