High Efficiency Toilet Installation

High Efficiency Toilet Installation

Handles go in and out of style. Colors go in and out of style.


Would you believe that toilets go out of style too?


How it Saves Water


We just installed a toilet that is amazing. It has a self-closing lid. It has an efficient flushing system for the water, that lets you choose how much water to use with each flush. It has very sleek lines and is very thin, so it fits perfectly into a small bathroom space. It looks very modern and has a very compact look.


Your Next Step


If you’re looking for something with a very modern look like this, or something that matches the plumbing fixtures you have in your house, or just whatever your personal style is, give us a call! 


Call Nielsen’s Painting and Remodeling, and remember: Quality is not cheap or expensive, it’s priceless!

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