How Do I Store My Stuff During a Remodel?

How Do I Store My Stuff During a Remodel?

Here at Neilsen’s Painting and Remodeling, we are a one-stop-shop! 


A Recent Remodel


We recently went out to work on a house and found that the homeowner had started some of the work before us. They rented some PODS and started moving their furniture out of the house.



We Can Hire Movers For You



When you work with us, we take care of all of that for you! We contact moving companies and storage providers that we work with all the time. We can handle getting everything moved to a facility for you. You don’t have to worry about anything! 


Why would you need to move your furniture out of your house? In this case, it’s because the house had a lot of water damage. It’s often much easier for us to get in and work on the house if all of your furniture and belongings are out of it.


Storage PODS


You’ve seen PODS all around, in people’s driveways or alleys. Sometimes they’re necessary, and it’s fine to use them. Sometimes it makes more sense to move your belongings into a storage facility, or you might prefer to do that. It usually depends on how much stuff needs to be moved around the house, and what will be better for us to do the reconstruction of your property. 


Whichever way you choose, we can handle it for you!


Videos of Recent Projects


Have you checked out our videos on our Facebook page and YouTube? If you do, you’ll see that in our latest video we are working on two houses next door to each other. We’ve removed a lot of trash, and both houses have completed the mitigation process. Now it’s time for us to start negotiating with the insurance companies to see what we can get done in the next couple of months! As we make progress with these reconstructions we’ll be showing you more videos of our work, so stay tuned! 


Your Next Step


If you have any questions, be sure to give us a call. We’d be happy to come out and give you any kind of assessment. 

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