How to Add More Storage Space to a Bathroom

How To Add More Storage Space to a Bathroom

The Problem

Sometimes we work with bathrooms that were designed a little strangely. Some have odd angles; some have doors that open in a way that takes up too much space or even doors that you can’t open at the same time because they’d run into each other. And then sometimes they’re just too small and cramped and don’t have any good storage space.

One of Our Recent Bathroom Remodels

We recently remodeled a bathroom that was cramped and had some problems with the design. In this bathroom, we were able to frame out an area to make it into a 2-foot deep cabinet which gave the owners lots more storage space. We could have made the area even bigger if we had moved some existing ductwork out of the way. Although we can certainly do that, it’s a lot more involved and in this case, the homeowners preferred that we leave that alone. Even without removing the ductwork they now have plenty of space for all their linens, bedsheets, towels, etc. 

Your Next Step

So if you’re looking to have more storage space in your bathroom, or to figure out how to turn the odd and awkward parts of your bathroom design into a more usable space give us a call! We will come up with some great ideas that will fit your budget and get you the bathroom that you want.

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