How To Add Storage Space To Your Laundry Room

How To Add Storage Space To Your Laundry Room

Storage, storage, storage! You can never get enough of it, right?

The Common Problem


Most laundry rooms have a little cabinet, or just a shelf or two. Usually, the standard cabinets and shelves that builders put in are only about 12 inches deep. Then they put those shelves above your appliances so that you have to reach up high and across! It’s hard to get to your laundry detergent that way!


Deeper Cabinets


We just took a client’s laundry room to the next level by adding cabinets that are almost as deep as their washer and dryer! This makes things easy for them to grab, instead of having to reach all the way across your washer and dryer like you normally have to do. The shelves and cabinets we installed are about 24 inches deep so they come out above their washer and dryer, making it easy to grab things off the shelf and put them back.


Add Additional Cabinets


On the other side of their laundry room, we put in a deep, tall cabinet. This can hold brooms and mops and all your cleaning goodies, and there’s plenty more room to hold whatever you want! On one side we have a little area in the bottom that is the perfect size for storing water bottles or sodas, or even a laundry basket!


Your Next Step


So if you’re looking for more storage space or ideas, give us a call! We can brainstorm with you to see what we can come up with that will fit your needs!

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