How To Avoid a Shower Leak

shower leak

We’ve been working on a house in Plano, Texas. The homeowners had some work done (by another contractor) on their bathroom a few years ago. Now they had a leak and called us in to try to find the leak and repair the damage.

Water Testing


We did water testing and checked out the faucet and the drain in the shower but couldn’t find the leak there. Finally, we found that the leak was in the shower pan itself. The only solution for this is to remove the shower pan and rebuild the shower. In this case, we also had to take out the entire floor, because the leak had damaged the flooring as well.

PVC Lining


It turned out that the previous contractor had not laid down protective PVC lining as high as they should have. They built a bench into this shower, but the PVC lining wasn’t high enough under the bench to prevent a leak.


This is actually a common problem that we see, and it happens when you hire a contractor who doesn’t know what they’re doing, or who cuts corners when no one is watching.


Hiring a Reputable Contractor


We want to make sure that when you call a professional to work on your home you know the right questions to ask so that you can make sure they’re going to be doing the right thing when no one’s watching. This was something no one could see, and it wasn’t an obvious problem until it started leaking after the contractor was long gone.


Problems That a Shower Leak Cause


Besides creating material problems and damage to the house, a leak like this can also create health problems. It can lead to mildew, mold, allergies, and more serious problems down the road if they don’t cut in and fix it in a timely manner.


Your Next Step


You want to avoid these issues and make sure you get a job well done. Therefore, you call the professionals!


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