How To Choose Paint Colors For Interior Painting

There are so many colors and shades available that choosing colors for your house can be overwhelming.

Go To The Store and Look Online

We recommend that you start by looking at the charts of paint colors at your local hardware or paint store, and by looking at examples of rooms online. See which colors and color combinations you keep coming back to.

Select a Shade

Once you’ve narrowed it down to some basic colors, it’s time to think about shades. We recommend that you get samples of any paint color or shade that you’re interested in. Home Depot, Lowes, or any place that sells paint will sell you small samples of any of the colors and shades that they sell.

Put Sample On Multiple Walls

Take these samples home and paint squares of each sample of paint on several different walls. We recommend that you paint a swatch that’s about two feet by two feet so that you can get a good feel for the color. Don’t go too small with your swatch!

It’s important to try the sample out on more than one wall because the paint color will look different depending on how light or shadow falls on it. It may look great in the light on one wall, but not at all good in the shadows on another wall!

Something that looks great in someone else’s house may not look at all good in yours, because your lighting is different. By the same token, a color that looks great in one room may not look good in another. There’s really no way to tell how a paint color is going to look on your wall, without actually putting it on your wall.

So get some paint samples and try them out on every wall in every room that you’re thinking of painting! Don’t be afraid to have big splotches of paint on your wall. After all, you know you’re going to paint the room anyway. So experiment, and see what looks the best! 

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