How To Help Your Home’s Siding Last Longer

how to help your home's siding last longer

We’ve talked to you before about our attention to detail. Here’s a great example of it:

The Problem With a Clear Coat

We had a homeowner call us to do some work, and this time part of the problem was some cracked cedar siding. The siding had originally been covered with a clear coat, and we do not recommend that you cover that type of siding with a clear coat. We had to strip off all the rest of the clear coat and sand the whole thing. That took a couple of days, just sanding down all that siding.

What We Did

Then we applied a semi-transparent stain over the cedar. With this type of stain, you will have to reapply it every couple of years, but doing this will keep the original look of the beautiful cedar. Without reapplication, the cedar will age. It will weather and start to look gray.

If you want the look of cedar for your outdoor living space, keep in mind that it will involve some upkeep. It’s a pretty simple process to reapply the stain, but you do have to keep it up to keep your cedar looking great. Another benefit is that not only will your cedar look great, but your siding will last longer.

How To Maintain Your Siding

We recommend going with a semi-transparent stain on anything outdoors, except for your front door or outdoor furniture. But siding, fences, pergolas—we recommend this semi-transparent stain on anything like that. And if we do anything like that for you, that is what we will use.

Your Next Step

So, if you want to do any outdoor remodeling like this summer, give us a call! We’ll be happy to help you out, and we’ll show you exactly what to do to keep it looking beautiful for as long as you have your house!

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