How To Increase Hallway Space

how to increase hallway space

Today I’m going to talk to you about a very common issue. 

Older Homes

If your house was built in the 50s or 60s, or even a little later, you probably have a hallway with doors coming off it everywhere. You have doors to bedrooms, bathrooms, the laundry room! The problem with these older houses is that the hallway with all the doors is usually also narrow. When you open the doors you block the hallway and you block other doors. It’s very inconvenient!

Change Doors

We recently worked on a home with this problem. The homeowner’s laundry room was in a narrow hallway with lots of doors, and it made it difficult for them to do their laundry.


They decided to put in barn doors to the laundry room. (With frosted glass! Stay tuned for pictures, this one looks great!) We couldn’t do a pocket door here because they needed a big door to accommodate moving the washer and dryer and a refrigerator in there. But we were able to do a nice, big barn door, which is just as functional as a pocket door.

Pocket Doors

On the other side of the hallway, we remodeled their bathroom, and we were able to put in a pocket door there. Our customers have a love-hate relationship with pocket doors—some people like them, and some do not. I do like them, and this pocket door is going to free up a lot of space for our customer. That’s why I like pocket doors! They are space-savers!

If you have a small bathroom with a door that opens inward, you lose a lot of space behind it. Putting in a pocket door will get you all that space back. If you have a door that opens up into your hallway, you already know that that just gets in the way. Putting in a pocket door will keep your hallways clear.

Your Next Step


We specialize in finding solutions for the problems in your space. If you have a problem with the space in one of your rooms and you need help finding solutions, call us! We can show you all kinds of ways to make the room work best for you, with no loss of space! 

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