How to Make Sure Your New Bathtub Will Fit

how to make sure your new bathtub will fit

When it comes to tubs and Jacuzzis, our customers are often worried about size. Will the tub they want fit into their space? Will it have to go at an angle? Will the tub that fits into their bathroom be big enough for them? 

We can help you find the perfect tub for your bathroom. 

Standard Bathtub Sizes

Standard-sized tubs are 5 feet (60 inches), 5 1/2 feet, or 6 feet. A 5-foot tub may sound too small, but there are many tubs that are 5 feet long and yet deep enough that it’s actually very big and comfortable. A deep 5-foot tub is a great tub to come home to relax in after work. Just come into your bathroom, get some nice, hot water going, throw some herbs in or whatever you like for your bath, and have a lovely, relaxing soak! 

Free-Standing Bathtubs

If you want a freestanding tub first look at whatever fits your style, and what your needs are. If there’s a particular tub you like we’ll be happy to look at it and give you our advice about how that tub will fit into your space, and we can give you some different options so that you’re not limited to just one size and style. 

Bathtubs of All Shapes and Sizes

We can help you with tubs of all shapes—ovals, rectangles, etc. We can help you with different depths, as well. We recently installed a deep, rectangular acrylic freestanding tub for one of our clients that is perfect for their space and very relaxing. The bathtub pictured costs about $2000-$2500, but tubs run anywhere from $1500 all the way to $10,000. 

Your Next Step

Whatever tub you’re interested in, we can tell you the ins and outs, pros and cons, and what we think will work best for your space, your style, and your wants and needs! Give us a call!

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