How to Make Your Kitchen More Functional

how to make your kitchen more functional

Recently we’ve been doing some work on a house in Plano, TX. This is a pretty special house because we’re making a lot of changes to it! Keep an eye on our social media, because we’re going to post a lot of before and after pictures of this project. This is a major project that is probably going to take about 8 weeks to complete, and it is going to be amazing! 

The Issue

This is a 5500-6000 square foot home, but the kitchen layout was just not functional. Originally there was an awkward wall that the fridge was on. This wall just wasn’t working. It disrupted the whole flow of the kitchen. Everywhere you had to walk in the kitchen you ended up running into the wall. So, we’re taking the whole wall out! However, there have been some challenges. Parts of this wall are load-bearing, so we are going to have to get creative. But this is nothing we can’t figure out! 

What We Can Do

Another part of the kitchen had a funny angled wall with a bar. It was really a lot of wasted space. We are turning it into a big, amazing pantry. We’re taking the space where the old pantry used to be and we’re going to turn that area into a desk, which is going to make the kitchen look much bigger than it used to. We’re going to have cabinets above the desk, and we’re still talking with the homeowner about whether we are going to run the cabinets all the way up to the ceiling, or just a few rows of cabinets. Mind you, these are 12-foot ceilings! But we can do cabinets all the way up the whole 12 feet! They’re going to be beautiful cabinets, with glass and decorative pieces. 

What We Can Move/Relocate

We are moving the refrigerator and the countertop to areas that will make the whole space a lot more functional. We are going to put in two islands, and we are moving the plumbing to make the sinks much more functional as well. The stove is going to be on one side with tons of room for meal prepping. The main island will be close by, with a trash can on one end close at hand. We’re also relocating the gas lines to move the stove and oven to a more functional location. 

Right now we’re still finishing the rough plumbing and knocking out walls. Keep an eye on our social media because we’re going to be sharing lots and lots of pictures of this project! We are going to show you how we do this step by step, and you’ll get to see how it all turns out. We guarantee you, this is going to be pretty cool!

Your Next Step

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call! We can schedule an appointment with you, come out to your house, brainstorm with you and come up with a plan to make your house look like a million dollars!

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