How to Make Your Shower More Functional

How To Make Your Shower More Functional

Today let’s talk about remodeling your shower.

Add Built-In Shelves

When it comes to a shower remodel, we’re not just concerned with the look and size of the shower. We’re concerned with its functionality. Something that might be handy for one person might not be handy for you. Some people like to have built-in niches or shelves, and we will build these taller or shorter, wider or narrower, depending on what will work best for you. The options are endless!

Upgrade Your Shower Head

It’s the same when it comes to your shower hardware. Of course, we can install a normal shower head, but we can also install a handheld one. These detach from the wall on a flexible tube, and they’re very handy for washing your feet, for instance.

Add a Bench

Some people like to have benches in their shower, and some do not. We can accommodate either option. You might want all glass walls, or you might want some opaque walls to keep your bath items hidden. 

Options for You to Personalize

Our goal is to understand what things will make a shower your ideal shower, and what things will make your bathroom your ideal bathroom. When we come to remodel your bathroom we will sit down with you, go over the different options, and show you pictures of what we’ve done to give you ideas and help you visualize the finished product. We can use any bathroom plan or model that you like, and tweak it to fit your personal style!

Your Next Step

We’d love to talk with you about how we can make your bathroom the perfect bathroom for you!

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