How to Match Your Shower Tile to Your Floor Tile

How to Match Your Shower Tile to Your Floor Tile

Today we want to tell you about a bathroom renovation we did in Dallas. This was a big job! We moved the vanity from one side of the bathroom to another, and then we really brightened up the place.


Compliance For Your Shower


The other day we talked to you about curbless showers. We put a curbless shower into this bathroom too. In fact, it would take very little work for this shower to be ADA compliant. (You have to meet some very specific guidelines to be ADA compliant.) You could easily get a wheelchair into this shower. There is plenty of space, and no curb or lip to stop the chair! This is a very popular style lately. Lots of people are asking for this style, and we love it! This style just looks like a million dollars!


How We Get The Symmetrical Look


This particular homeowner wanted all their tile to be lined up, both floor and walls. Usually, when we lay tile we stagger the tiles, we don’t lay them end to end in straight lines. This gives the whole bathroom a beautiful, clean, symmetrical look! We did their whole bathroom in white tile with a matte finish, with the tile on the walls exactly matching the tile on the floors. It looks fantastic! You will really love this one!


Your Next Step


We will be on this project for about another week, so if you want to get your bathroom spruced up, give us a call!

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