How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets Without Painting the Hinges

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets Without Painting the Hinges

When we remodel a kitchen many people ask us to not paint the cabinet hinges. 



Take The Cabinet Doors Off The Hinges



If you don’t want your hinges painted, we will take your cabinet doors and hinges off before we do any painting. This takes a little bit more time because of the labor involved in taking all of the doors off and putting them back on. If your kitchen is large, removing the hinges can add an extra day to your project. However, this can add a great look to your kitchen.




Hang Them For Painting




My guys are very creative when it comes to setting up ways that we can paint your cabinet doors without getting any paint on the hinges! If you go to our Facebook page or our YouTube channel you can see a video of some of the frames we construct to hold each of your cabinet doors separately for the painting process. We hang each door from a wooden beam, which lets us easily get to both sides of the door. They do sell professional, pre-made equipment to hang cabinet doors for painting, but we often have to get creative and do it ourselves in a client’s home. 



Adjust The Cabinet Doors



When we are finished, we will have one of our cabinetmakers come out to adjust your cabinet doors and make sure everything was installed properly. 



Our Attention To Detail



Did you know that we started as a painting company? Way back when we started as a company, before we did remodeling work, all we did was painting. We still take a great deal of pride in the painting portion of our work! 


We will prime each of your cabinet doors and then paint them with two coats of paint. This is where our attention to detail shines. Nowadays we do countertops, backsplashes in kitchens, you name it. But through it all, we still have the attention to painting that we did in the beginning. 


We always tell people that painting is like the icing on the cake. If the icing on the cake looks bad, you don’t even want to try the cake! But if the icing looks good, everything is good. This is why any time we paint kitchen cabinets or any trim, we will always make them look like a million dollars! 


Your Next Step


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