How To Prep Cabinets For Painting

How To Prep Cabinets For Painting

Why Prep Is Important

When it comes to painting cabinets, or any type of woodwork, preparation is everything. You do not want to have brand-new cabinets that look like a million dollars, then give them a new paint job and end up with nicks and dents.


Here’s how we do it. We start with a good-quality primer. Then we use Bondo. The cabinets we’re working on right now are oak, and with oak we’re not going to be able to hide all the grain. However, we can use the Bondo to fill in any big gouges, and any nicks, dents or nail holes.

Why Our Process Takes a Little Longer

You’ll find people who will tell you they can be in and out with your kitchen cabinets in three days. Good luck getting all the nicks and dents taken care of! It is very time consuming to do this right, and to do it thoroughly. We don’t rush this. Even when we’re working on a small kitchen we take four to five days to do it right: a day for primer, a day for Bondo and checking all the details; another day for sanding all that primer, and two days for painting with two coats of paint. This is our normal process, and this is why it takes us a little longer to get the job done.

Our Attention to Detail

We’ve almost finished this part for the cabinets we’re working on right now. We’ll follow it with two coats of paint, and it’s going to look fantastic! But detail is everything. You’ll find plenty of people out there who will tell you they’ll get the job done in two or three days, but their attention to detail is not going to be there.

Your Next Step

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