How to Update an Outdated Kitchen

How to Update an Outdated Kitchen

Recently, we’ve been working in a house in McKinney. We’re doing a kitchen remodel here, completely redoing the kitchen that was original to the house and built in the 1970s!

Replace the Cabinets

One of the things we’re doing in this kitchen is replacing all the cabinets. Remember how in the 70s none of the cabinets had adjustable shelves? We can do so much more now for the functionality of your kitchen cabinets!

Remove Wallpaper and Replace With Paint

If you were to come into this house and look at the kitchen (And if you go look at our videos, you can see for yourself!), you would see that back behind the old refrigerator is layers and layers of old-school wallpaper. Sometimes in older houses, we find that people just kept papering over older wallpaper. We can take care of that for you, and give your walls a great, updated look.

Update the Appliances

Another thing we’re doing is relocating the dishwasher to another side of the kitchen and putting in a brand-new range and refrigerator. Where there used to be a peninsula, we will install an island, which gives a little more space to move around. We make sure your island has full electrical functionality.

Open It Up

In this house, we are also going to open up the pantry area so that the refrigerator can move back into that space and not stick out into the kitchen as much. We have lots of creative solutions for you like this, but in this case, moving the refrigerator back into the wall was the homeowner’s idea. Do you have a creative idea for how to fix the flow in your kitchen? We can make it happen!

If you have any questions, check out our website or our Facebook page! Or give us a call—we’d love to talk to you about how we can help you love your space!

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