How To Update The Exterior of Your Home

How to Update The Exterior of Your Home

Many of you know that we do exterior and interior painting, and also remodeling. But did you know that there are other things we can do with the exterior of your home to enhance your curb appeal and property value? Here are three things you should consider, in addition to exterior paint, to update the outside of your home. 

1. Sunroom/outdoor space. If you have a sunroom or some kind of outdoor living space, we can update that. Right now many people are moving from a more traditional look to a more modern look. We can do that for you! We have several options you can choose from to spruce up the look of your outdoor living space. 

2. Brick color. You might also consider painting your brick. Often when we do exterior painting, we are just called in to paint the siding and the trim, but now many people are opting to paint their brick as well. If you’ve bought a home and you were not able to select the brick color, you’re not stuck with that! We have a whole process we can do to update your brick. 

3. Balcony. Many people have a dated balcony. Maybe the wood is rotting, or other parts of it are worn. We can come in and give you a nice, clean modern look, update everything and make it all look beautiful. This way when you go out to enjoy your coffee in the morning, or to read a book, you have a nice, enjoyable space out there. 

These are a few things to consider when you’re thinking about the exterior of your home. If you’d like a free estimate, go ahead and click the button below. We’d love to show you all the options you have!

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