How to Update Your Fireplace

Another project we’ve been working on lately has been a fireplace remodel. Originally this fireplace had a grate with a hearth that was about 14 inches high, made of stone. It was massive and it just didn’t match the style the homeowners wanted. They wanted something with more simple, clean lines.




We used tile instead of stone, to give the whole fireplace a sleeker look. We also replaced the traditional mantle with a Shaker style mantlepiece. This gives the whole fireplace a more modern feel. If you take a look at this and then look at the kitchen, you’ll see that the style matches a lot better than it did with the old fireplace. 


Crown Molding


We kept the crown molding that was originally in the room and matched the fireplace cabinet to the molding. The fireplace and mantle itself are very tall—about 67 inches tall. The homeowners decided to do it this way because they don’t plan to put a TV or anything over the fireplace. Even though it’s tall there’s still a great wall space above for a piece of art. 


Your Next Step


If you’re thinking about remodeling your fireplace, we can make yours as tall or as short as you want, and in whatever style you want and that fits with the rest of your house the best. We’d be happy to come out to look at your space and help you design the fireplace of your dreams!

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