LED Mirror for Your Master Bathroom

LED Mirror For Master Bathroom

For the last several weeks we’ve been telling you about all the great features we’ve added in a bathroom remodel we’ve been working on. Here’s another one—an LED mirror!


One Touch Gives More Light!


You can never have too many mirrors in a bathroom! And in this bathroom, we’ve installed a special mirror that has LED lighting built right into the glass. Just one touch lights up an LED strip that goes around the mirror. Not only that, but the mirror opens up to reveal a medicine cabinet behind it. The backside of the mirror is also a mirror, and the medicine cabinet is mirrored so that you can see yourself from different angles.


Charge Your Phone!


At the top of the medicine cabinet we installed USB outlets. You can plug your phone in right there, or whatever else you need! And since this is a medicine cabinet you can store whatever you need to in there—medicine, vitamins, cosmetics.

Your Next Step


If you are interested in having something like this in your bathroom, give us a call! We’d be more than happy to give you a quote. Little features like this are always a nice add-on to any project, and the possibilities are endless! If you come to us and ask what kinds of things we can install in an area, or if you have seen a new gadget or feature and you want to see if it can fit into your project, we will be more than happy to brainstorm with you and show you what is possible! We’ll help you figure out what will fit the best into your bathroom or any of the other areas in your house that you might want to remodel.

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