Master Bathroom Remodel In Progress In Frisco TX

frisco bathroom remodel

We have a client in Frisco who has wanted to remodel her bathroom for over a year. We are finally able to start work on this project!




We are going to replace all the shower tile and add a shampoo niche, which will be 18 inches by 36 inches. This is not a standard size for a shampoo niche, so it will give the shower a different touch. We are also going to install new shower trim, a new pad, and a new custom glass door.






We will also replace the tile around her tub, and the tub apron, with countertop. We will be reusing her tub but will put on all new hardware. Then we will tile the three walls above the tub, which will give the area a nice, finished look. 






When we remodel your cabinets, you can choose to either get all brand-new cabinets or just replace the cabinet faces. For this bathroom, we are replacing the faces on all the bathroom cabinets. 






Last but not least, we will be replacing the floor with new tile.



Your Next Step



You can see the “before” video of this bathroom on our YouTube channel and Facebook page. Stay tuned to see what it looks like once we are finished! If you have any questions about our work take a look at our website, and give us a call! 

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