What to Expect During a Remodeling Estimate

What can you expect when you call Nielsen’s Painting and Remodeling for a free estimate?     Questionnaire        After that first phone call, we will send you a questionnaire asking you about your house and your project. This helps us to get …

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Change Order Guarantee For Remodeling

In our last blog post and video, I told you that I was going to tell you how we can get your project done with a no change order guarantee.   This is huge! Most contractors do change orders, and we explained what those are …

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What is a Change Order in Construction?

Today I’m going to talk to you about a very touchy subject for contractors and homeowners: change orders.     What’s a change order?     If you’ve done any remodeling, you know that awkward moment when your contractor comes to you and says: “This …

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How Do I Store My Stuff During a Remodel?

Here at Neilsen’s Painting and Remodeling, we are a one-stop-shop!    A Recent Remodel   We recently went out to work on a house and found that the homeowner had started some of the work before us. They rented some PODS and started moving their …

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LED Fireplace Installation

Remember the patio we’ve been working on? One of the most super-cool features it has is the fireplace. This is a unique feature! It’s a see-through fireplace. It has LED lighting that will let you change colors—your fire can be blue, green, red, or whatever …

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Stamped Concrete Patterns and Designs

One of the other things we do is stamp concrete.   Color Choices   The cool thing about this is that concrete has the color integrated right into it. We can mix whatever color you want right into the concrete, and then we can stamp …

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High Efficiency Toilet Installation

Handles go in and out of style. Colors go in and out of style.   Would you believe that toilets go out of style too?   How it Saves Water   We just installed a toilet that is amazing. It has a self-closing lid. It …

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Covered Patio With Fireplace

Fireplace Details   We’ve been out in McKinney working on some patios and pergolas! We’ve been working on one patio that has a pretty unique concept for us. We’re putting in a see-through fireplace, which is really cool! It’s going to have crushed glass and …

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