How To Find Ideas For Your Remodel

Sometimes people come to us and they know they want to update their home or remodel it, but they don’t know exactly what they want. They just know that their home is dated and they want it updated. But they have no real inspiration or …

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Electrical Work During a Remodel

Why You May Need Electrical Changes   When it comes to kitchen or bathroom remodels there’s often a lot of electrical changes that have to take place. In the case of the house we’re working on right now there will be quite a lot of …

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How to Update an Outdated Kitchen

Recently, we’ve been working in a house in McKinney. We’re doing a kitchen remodel here, completely redoing the kitchen that was original to the house and built in the 1970s! Replace the Cabinets One of the things we’re doing in this kitchen is replacing all …

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Why We Use Lockboxes During Remodels

Keep Your Home Secure   When we are planning to start a remodel, whether it be a paint job, flooring, or whatever it is you need, we always make sure that we have a plan to keep your home secure. We know you want to …

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How To Add Storage Space To Your Laundry Room

Storage, storage, storage! You can never get enough of it, right? The Common Problem   Most laundry rooms have a little cabinet, or just a shelf or two. Usually, the standard cabinets and shelves that builders put in are only about 12 inches deep. Then …

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How To Prep Cabinets For Painting

Why Prep Is Important When it comes to painting cabinets, or any type of woodwork, preparation is everything. You do not want to have brand-new cabinets that look like a million dollars, then give them a new paint job and end up with nicks and …

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How We Handle Setbacks During a Remodel

When people in the remodeling industry make videos or blog posts or emails about our work, it’s usually to give you an update on our progress or to tell you about our process. When Things Don’t Go As Planned   But today we’re going to …

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LED Mirror for Your Master Bathroom

For the last several weeks we’ve been telling you about all the great features we’ve added in a bathroom remodel we’ve been working on. Here’s another one—an LED mirror!   One Touch Gives More Light!   You can never have too many mirrors in a …

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Heated Floors for Your Master Bathroom

Lately, we’ve been telling you about a fantastic bathroom remodel we’ve been working on.   How to Control The Temperature   One of the best features of this bathroom remodel is a little gadget we’ve installed in the wall near the light switches. This gadget …

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