Popular Trend For Painting Kitchen Islands

Popular Trend For Painting Kitchen Islands

Lately, it has become a popular trend to paint kitchen cabinets two or three different colors. Our customers often want to paint the island one color, the vent hood another color, and the main cabinets a third color. 



2 or 3 Different Colors




This can look fantastic, and we are happy to do it for you. The one thing to be aware of is that using different paint colors will add time to your project. If we paint everything in your kitchen the same color it takes about a week, or about 5-6 days to paint and let things dry properly, and put them back together. When we use more than one color, it adds time to the process as we do one color at a  time. 



A Current Kitchen Remodel



Right now we’re painting the kitchen in a house in Plano. Our customers want their main cabinets to be one color, a shade of white called Snowbound. Across the kitchen they want the cabinets to be a shade of gray. We have been working on the white cabinets, which means we haven’t started the gray cabinets yet. Once the white cabinets are finished it will take us another 3-4 days to paint the gray cabinets.



Different Cabinet Styles



Besides different colors, we can do many different cabinet styles. If you take a look at our video of this kitchen you’ll see that the cabinets we will be painting gray are inset cabinets. Inset cabinets take longer to paint just because of how they’re made. In an inset cabinet, the cabinet doors are inside the frame, instead of sitting on top of the frame. To paint these cabinets we have to take all of the cabinets out so that we can get behind the frames. 



Your Next Step



If you have any questions about paint or remodeling, give us a call at (214) 400-4585!

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