Quartz vs Granite: How To Choose The Right Countertop

Quartz vs Granite

We’ve talked to you before about some of the differences between granite and quartz, as well as quartzite, marble, and the other popular countertop materials. 


Today I want to talk to you about different ways you can use quartz and granite in your home. 


What You Can Do With Leftover Quartz



Sometimes we might have material left over after we finish your countertops. For example, let’s say we install quartz counters in your kitchen or bathroom, but we have half a slab left over. What can you do with this?


You can use it as the top of a small table, or even as a cutting board. If you have a powder bathroom that needs a small countertop, you can use it there. You can use it just about anywhere in your house you can think of. 



What To Avoid With Quartz



The one thing you cannot do is use it outside! Quartz is 95% mineral and 5% resin or glue. When left outside, that glue will start to bow or disintegrate. It just doesn’t stand up to weather like natural stone would. Even if you only use the quartz in a shaded area or under your patio, it will still eventually disintegrate outdoors. 


What You Can Do With Leftover Granite


On the other hand, if we have some granite leftover from your project, we can use it for a small outdoor pit or table. You even can use it ornamentally—some people like to put pieces of granite around their flowers. Granite does get quite hot in the sun, so we recommend that you use it in a shaded area. 


Your Next Step


If you have any questions about the differences in the materials we use, whether quartz, quartzite, marble or any other stone that you are thinking of using in your project, give us a call! We’d be happy to tell you what the best uses are for your stone.   

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