Reasons to Remodel Your Home This Fall

This is a time of year when people start to pay more attention to their homes, with the holidays coming up. During the summer we tend to put off a lot of projects because of travel, keeping up with the kids’ activities, the heat, etc. But now that summer’s over it’s a great time to put some focus on your home. 

Here are the top three reasons we have customers calling us right now:

1, Getting ready for the holidays. Many clients call us at this time of year to get bids on interior painting. They’re hosting family for Thanksgiving or Christmas, and believe it or not, those holidays are going to be here quicker than you may like! Lots of people like to get their home updated before the relatives come into town, to show it off a little and make it look its best. 

2. Time for a change. Often when people move in to a new home they’re stuck with the paint color the previous homeowner had. If this is you, now is a great time to customize your home with colors you actually like. Maybe you’ve moved into a home that’s neutral and you want to add some color. Or maybe you’ve moved into a very colorful home and you’d like it toned down! We can take care of either for you.

3. Change of seasons. We have some clients who like to update their interior painting seasonally. For fall and winter they may favor more of a neutral look, or darker colors. Then in the spring and summer they’ll have us back out to paint more lively colors. 

If you’ve been putting off your interior painting, we’d love to come out and get you a free estimate. Just give us a call at 214-400-4585.

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