Replacing a Bathroom Tub With a Makeup Counter and Vanity

As you already know, part of what we do is bathroom remodels. One common problem that homeowners have is that they have a tub in a bathroom but they never use it. 

Why You May Want to Consider It

Some homeowners decide to take advantage of that to redo their bathroom space. Recently we did a job where the homeowners had a bathroom with a tub and a tiny shower. They never used the tub, and they didn’t like the small shower. They decided to have us take out the tub and extend their shower. They were able to go from a 36 by 36-inch shower to a 50-inch shower plus a 20-inch shower bench. 

The Result

Now their shower is much more comfortable. But that’s not all! They wanted to use this bathroom as a dressing area. With all the space saved from taking out the tub, we were able to put in a vanity dressing table, complete with a chair and mirror. Now their bathroom is much more functional and comfortable!

Your Next Step

If you have a bathroom that has a tub you don’t use and don’t need, or you just want to find a better way to utilize the space, give us a call! We will definitely have a solution for you!

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