Shine Your Hardwood Floor Brightly

Hardwoods are beautiful to have throughout any home. You can place them in any room, and if you’d like a comfortable spot for the dog or children to play then a large area rug in the middle of the room can provide beauty, but also comfort. Enjoy the benefits of having beautiful, yet easy to clean floors without having to constantly run the vacuum over them time and time again. Here are some of the best ways to clean your hardwood floor, and make it shine brightly, even when you do not have guests coming.
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Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Flooring

Clear the floor completely of anything that is easily able to be moved out of the way. You want to ensure that you clean under all of the furniture, and the other items that are laying around the room.

Dry mop the area with a soft rag or dust mop that you generally use on the floor. You want to ensure that abrasive products are not used, both chemically and the mops that you choose to use. This can scratch and ruin the hardwood floor in your home. You do not want to do this. Lightly dry-mop the area, with the soft cloth.

Once dry mopped, you can then go over it with a specialized hardwood floor cleaning chemical. These are less abrasive, and provide a shine and clean the areas throughout the floor that some of the other chemicals made for floors cannot reach. Not only that, but they will not pull up the finish that is over the hardwoods. Make sure to mop against the grain of the floors, and if you have polyurethane on the floors, use just a small amount of dish soap and water to clean the floor.

Buff the floor using a cloth, a soft cloth, to dry out any of the excess moisture that might be found from the mopping that you just did. You want to ensure that these areas are cleaned completely. Not only that, but when you buff the floor, it can keep the shine longer, it will not be slippery and you can ensure that all of the dust, dirt and grime has completely been lifted.

Sometimes, homeowners choose to use a wax or other buff material to go over the floors. This is up to you on whether or not this is something you want to do. However, always ensure you’re purchasing high quality chemicals for this, and that you follow the directions completely. You do not want to worry about scratches or having the floor run down because of a product that you chose to get to clean the floors, and protect them.

Speak with the company that can provide these hardwood floors throughout your home, and make sure to learn from them on how they should be cleaned. Not only will they have additional tips and tricks, but you can ensure the longevity of your flooring is not compromised with these additional tips.

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