Stamped Concrete Patterns and Designs

stamped concrete patio patterns and designs

One of the other things we do is stamp concrete.


Color Choices


The cool thing about this is that concrete has the color integrated right into it. We can mix whatever color you want right into the concrete, and then we can stamp on top of that. This means you can have an endless variety of colors and patterns! We have many patterns that you can choose from, and you can stamp in black, gray, red—so many combinations!


Watch Our Video


If you check out the videos of the outdoor living space we just did, the one with the see-through fireplace, you’ll see that we floored that with stamped concrete. We did more of a traditional color and pattern on that one, in brown and tan. It goes perfectly with the color scheme they have! 


The Color Won’t Fade


We can do your stamped floor in any colors you like. The nice thing about this is that because the color is integrated into the concrete, it will not fade. This color will not go away! You can make this concrete look like stone—or anything you want!


Your Next Step


Give us a call, and we’ll be more than happy to show you our portfolio so that you can see how the different possibilities look, and then we’ll take it from there! 

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