Summer Activities for Kids in Collin County

If you have kids, you know you’ve got to keep them entertained during the summer. That can be a challenge sometimes in Texas because it’s so hot! We have a few ideas for summer activities for kids in the Collin County area.

1. Splash Pads.

Did you know that Collin County has a lot of different splash pads? For instance, at Celebration Park in Allen, there’s a huge splash pad where kids can play in their swimsuits and get wet and cool off. In the middle of summer in Texas, it can be downright dangerous for kids to go to the park. This is a good way for you to let them run around and play at the park, but when they get too hot they can come over and cool down in the splash pad. They have these all over, in Plano, Frisco, McKinney, etc. Celebration Park is one of the most popular ones, but they’re everywhere!

2. Community pools.

Many communities in the Collin County area have a pool. For example, if you’re a resident of Allen you can check out the renovated Ford pool—residents get a discount.

3. The Apex Center.

If you’re in McKinney, check out the newly-opened Apex Center. That’s about as close as you can get to a water park in the area. They have crazy slides, swimming lessons, and camps. If your kids are old enough they can use the facilities to work out. This is a really neat feature for McKinney residents, and like the Ford Center, residents of McKinney get discounts on memberships.

4. Kona Ice.

If you follow the Kona Ice Facebook page and Twitter account, you’ll be able to find out where they’re going to be. If you’ve never seen them before, Kona Ice sells snow cones, and they’re mobile. They go to all kinds of different places, and they’re very reasonably priced. This is a great place for a cold treat or a cool beverage, and Mom and Dad can take advantage of this too!

5. Movies!

In the Collin County area, there are tons of different movie theater options. Want to knock out lunch or dinner and a movie at the same place? Check out iPic in Allen, and the Moviehouse and Eatery in McKinney! Lots of movies come out in the summer, so it’s a good way to keep the kids entertained and nice and cool at the same time.

We hope these help give you some ideas whenever the kids start to say “I’m bored!” As always, if you need anything done around the home, we’re more than happy to help you out with that, whether it’s a kitchen or bathroom remodel or an interior or exterior painting upgrade. Thanks, and have a great summer!


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