The Importance of Having a Good Relationship With a Home Contractor

Importance of Having a Good Relationship With a Home Contractor

As your contractor, we want to be your advocate and your go-to source when you do another remodel. We keep all of your files and information in our records so that when you call me and ask, “Hey Nielsen, what is the color of my cabinets?” We can tell you! We will have all the information about everything we did for you. 


You may be wondering, why is this important? It turns out that having us keep your information on file is very important. 



Keeping Your Remodeling Project’s Info on File



For example, we’ve been working on a house that we remodeled in 2019. We tore up the kitchen and removed several walls. We put in new floors. It was a very big project. 


And then guess what? Then came the freeze of 2021, and now we’re here again. Thankfully we had all the information on file: the type of paint we used, the type of cabinets, flooring, etc. We still have a good relationship with our cabinet makers, drywallers, etc. Everyone who was part of the team in 2019 is back here in 2021 to rebuild this house. 




Working With Your Insurance Company




Also, if the insurance company comes back and says “This is the amount of countertop you had, this is the amount of money we’re going to give you,” guess what? I have in my records exactly how much we paid for those slabs. I can give those numbers to the insurance company to prove our actual costs and get them to approve more funding. 



Your Next Step



If you’re looking for this type of relationship with your contractor (and you should be), give us a call! We will be more than happy to stop by your house and give you a free estimate so that we can get working on your project.


Remember, with Nielsen’s Painting and Remodeling, quality is not cheap or expensive, it is priceless!

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