The Latest Trends in Bathroom Design

the latest trends in bathroom design

One of the latest trends we see in bathroom remodeling is going from a jacuzzi tub to a freestanding tub. 

Why Some Homeowners Prefer a Freestanding Tub

Many houses have big jacuzzi tubs that take up a lot of space in the master bathroom and lessen the amount of space available for the shower. We recently did a remodel in which we took out the tub and replaced it with a freestanding tub. 

How We Can Make Your Bathroom Larger and More Functional

We also put a pocket door into this customer’s bathroom. Their bathroom originally had a door that, when it opened, took up a lot of space and got in the way of the closet door and the shower door. With all those doors in a small space, the layout of the bathroom was not functional! 

The combination of the freestanding tub and the pocket door made the bathroom look much bigger! We had room to make the shower bigger, and to add a linen closet! 

Before and After Pictures of Our Bathroom Remodels

We’re finishing up this remodel now, and soon we’ll have before and after pictures put up on our website. Come by and take a look! You’ll get to see what a huge difference the freestanding tub and pocket door made in this bathroom. It’s so much more functional, and it looks amazing!

Your Next Step

If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, give us a call! We’ll be more than happy to stop by and brainstorm with you to see what would fit your budget and the functionality of your house. 

Remember with Nielsen’s Painting and Remodeling, good quality is not cheap or expensive, it’s priceless!

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