Tile Baseboards for Master Bathroom

tile baseboards in master bathroom


When it comes to baseboards, we can do anything! We can do 3 inches, 4 inches, Colonial, you name it! There are a whole bunch of baseboard styles, and we can do all of them. 

Why Tile Baseboards Are Great for Bathrooms

Today we wanted to talk about a different idea for baseboards. Maybe for your bathroom, you want something that’s very low-maintenance, and you don’t want to worry about painting your baseboards, cleaning them, touching them up. We have a great option for you! We can take a little of the same tile as the floor and make a baseboard out of that. You can also buy a baseboard in the same tile, maybe with a bullnose or rounded edge. There are several different options, and they look great! 

Your Next Step

So if you’re looking for something a little different for your bathroom baseboards, let us know! We can show you all the different options, and find just the right one that will fit what you’re looking for!

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